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Link Building & Digital PR Management Tool

We publish your content on the web

We offer an effective tool to give your business visibility. is an
All-in-One platform for the professional and autonomous management of link building, digital PR, brand content, brand identity and web reputation projects

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How it works

Your online content in just
3 simple steps

Where to publish

Access the database with thousands of sites sorted by category and language. Choose the ones that interest you and place the order.

What to publish

For each site you choose, you can submit your article or ask our copywriting staff to write it for you. A short brief is enough.

Wait for publication

A notification email will inform you of the article or publication’s availability. You just have to check and accept it.
Tailor made

If you prefer a highly personalised tailor-made service with high professional standards, request it here.

We will propose the best strategy for your project, select the sites where to appear and develop the editorial plan. We will follow every phase until the publication and monitor the article’s maintenance and the online link.

Why use

To promote your website’s positioning, it needs to discuss you, your business, your brand and your products. With this goal becomes achievable effortlessly! A demo will help you find out how.

Our strengths

All-in-One Pay-Per-Use Platform

Seoluxury Dashboard —
A practical and essential dashboard to know your projects’ progress at all times.
  1. All-in-One: You can manage your projects without leaving with the vast availability of filterable sites per various parameters; professional copywriter staff and countless integrations that we will be happy to illustrate in a personalised call
  2. Pay-per-Use platform: With you can choose from over 5,000 websites at the best market prices, to give your business visibility. You will only pay for what you order, with no obligation to purchase or subscribe.
  3. Personalised scouting: If the sites you find on are not enough, we can carry out a customised search for you without any additional costs.

Content quality

We attach great importance to the quality of the articles we propose to our customers because we believe that content is at the heart of any SEO and online communication strategy. It is no coincidence that our customers claim that articles written by our copywriter staff are among the best on the web.

Seoluxury media database —
With simple and effective filtering, plus recommended sites and those already used clearly indicated allow you to work quickly.

Numbers don’t scare us

We manage projects that base their strategy on publishing dozens of articles each month. We do this routinely in various geographic areas and numerous languages.

What are you waiting for? Ask us to talk to you about what we can do for you with no obligations.

What are the benefits of using is first and foremost a working method that allows you to make use of the know-how we have developed over 10 years. is also a system that allows you to organise your online communication plan with significant savings in the management costs of link building and digital PR projects.


Any content that talks about you, your brand or your products online has the potential to promote your site’s positioning if well managed. Do not miss this opportunity and leave no room for competition.

Increase traffic

Whether it’s organic traffic or traffic coming from external sources, the right online communication strategy will undoubtedly lead to a steady growth of traffic to your website: patience and perseverance are needed.


Whether it’s selling or generating leads, organic traffic, i.e. traffic that comes from voluntary queries on search engines, has significantly higher conversion rates than any other advertising method that can be used.

Brand Awareness

If your business is in its infancy, publishing content that talks about you on the right sites will get your brand known. In any case, the online communication that we help you define will improve your brand’s online perception.
SIGN-UP Promo*
A 25% discount to all new subscribers for the first order placed on a special list of 100 sites.

Use the WELCOME2023 coupon at checkout

*article writing excluded


This is where you will find most of the answers. If there are any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Do I have to pay to register with SeoLuxury?
Registration at is totally free and you do not have to release any bank details.
What can I do once registered?
Once registered, you can consult the database of blogs, portals and newspapers. You can filter them according to your needs and you can buy publications on your sites of interest.
How do I pay for my orders?
You can pay with Paypal or by bank transfer. In case of payment by bank transfer, we will need to verify the payment receipt, before publishing the article.
Do you issue invoices for orders received?
Of course! Once the payment is verified, we will send you the invoice by email.
Are the links the dofollow type?
Almost all sites use dofollow links. Sites that use nofollow links are clearly indicated.
How long do articles and links stay online?
Articles and links are usually permanent. For our part, we guarantee the article’s maintenance and/or link for 12 months. If there are problems during this period, we are committed to replacing the publication with another of equal value.
Who writes the articles?
You can write them yourself or rely on our team of carefully selected professional authors.
Can I cancel an order?
If you have decided to provide the item yourself, and have not done so yet, you can cancel the order and get a refund. If you have opted for drafting by our team of authors and one has already started writing your article, you can cancel by getting reimbursed for what you spent, net of the drafting cost.
What happens if my article is not accepted?
If an order is not accepted by the publisher, you will be refunded. If the publisher has published an article other than the one you submitted or authorised, you can request a cancellation and get a refund.
Can I offer you my website?
Of course, if you own one or more websites and want to offer them to the public, you can contact us by sending us the list and we will be happy to add them to SeoLuxury.

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